Training News 3

Charity Update

Many thanks to those that have donated so far.



Last weekend on April 6th the team (and others) were in Belgium for the Tour of Flanders Sportive.


Dale at the Tour of Flanders 2019

Keith at the Tour of Flanders 2019

Cathal at the Tour of Flanders 2019

Dave at the Tour of Flanders 2019

Everyone finished the 174km ride and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Both the ride and naturally the well deserved beers afterwards.


Keith applied for his visa for Russia this week and will pick it up next week. Dale & Linford will do the same soon now that the procedure has been verified.

Linford rustled up a new sponsor:


Digital Ibiza Rentals specialists in sound system and DJ equipment hire. The Go-To-Crew in Ibiza for all your music needs.

A big thanks to Nathan for supporting the team.


Dale has had the display board and banner printed.


Linford has a new pair of wheels, but not a bike to go with them.

He’s looking at this one now and trying to persuade Dale & Keith just to take the one bike. His argument is that this way they wont lose each other on the road.



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