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Dale, Linford and Keith after completing the Calais to Shanghai ride [Club fine for undone shirts at the finish line: Ed]
The route of the 8241 miles from Calais to Shanghai (original planned route in pink)

How Far Have They Got? All the way!

Map of first 9 weeks.

Map of last 7 weeks in China.

Charity Update

Many thanks to those that have donated.


An extra massive thanks to those donating in the last days to bring up our target, but not forgetting all those that have contributed since the beginning. The boys really appreciate it.

Week 16 Summary: Shanghai at last

This map shows the weeks ride.

This week: 327 miles, 4,095ft climbing and 25:38 hours riding


Accumulated totals: 8241 miles, 174,307ft climbing (that’s 6 times up Everest!) and 644:19 hours riding

Day 108: Sunday September 29th: Endless City

Route Day 108 – September 29th

Fly-through Map of Day 108.

Time for a shower
Time for a shower

We had a nice breakfast in the hotel with cook your own eggs, cereal and toast; all very wester although all of us still had some noodles and rice. We left the hotel pretty sharply, with a nice ride out of the city across a big lake andthen into the never-ending suburbs.

Finally we hit some open roads after about 15 miles; it’s unbelievable how big these cities are and it was good to hit a few hills early on with rolling roads over small inclines and then down hill again. It really breaks the riding up especially when the country side is so green and lush.

We carried on through these rolling roads and it was so nice we forgot to have our little soft drink halfway through the morning section. We just carried on through the really pretty countryside riding up down the little valleys.

Linford approaching an arched entrance
Linford approaching an arched entrance
Linford approaching an arched entrance
Linford approaching an arched entrance

Eventually we came to the town of Mingguang and with the young lads starving by this point we pulled over just as we entered the town. Nothing wes doing at the first side street so we rode up and carried on and found a place on the corner. It was a bit like a Chinese fast food place but we went in opened the first fridge and had our drinks but I’m not sure we paid for these!

We’ll probably have a bill when we leave Shanghai. We queued up and ordered our food. Rylan said it must be good because the locals kept pushing in front of him,. To be fair the food was good and we did not get too much like we normally do.

After an early lunch we still had around 40 miles to go so we hit the road again carrying on where we left off,through the rolling countryside. It was very pleasant riding with the temperature just over 30c; really pleasant and we were just enjoying the ambience by waving and smiling to all the people on the way through.

Off-road again
Off-road again

We stopped at a little village about 14 miles from Chuzhou for a drink just before we rolled into the town. All in all it was a pleasant days riding even through the building site about a mile away from the hotel. All of us got caked in mud and sand again.

It was Rylan’s choice for a restaurant to night; not sure if he researched it or just took pot luck but we ended up in a pizza place. I think he just wanted the knife and forks. It was a good meal though with the usual photo shot included.

Day 109: Monday September 30th: Arrests and Falls

Route Day 109 – September 30th

Fly-through Map of Day 109.

Another Hotel departure
Another Hotel departure

Same hotel different city! All these different hotels in different cities/towns are playing mind-games with us; not sure what floor or room number we are in. They all look the same.

We are getting very close to Shanghai now and it looks like it will be mainly urban sprawl from now on.

Lantern decorations for the 70th anniversary
Lantern decorations for the 70th anniversary

We left Chuzhou around 08:45, with an hours riding in the busy town before we hit any sign of country-side. We went past many small towns and villages and we were all finding it a little bit difficult to get into the swing today. Maybe it’s because we are so close.

Arched gateway
Arched gateway

We were just ambling through the ride with nobody taking the lead. We stopped at a busy little market place called Yongningzhen for some fruit and cold drinks knowing we had the big city of Nanjing ahead of us. Once we hit the city on a busy freeway it was a little chaotic like most bustling cities. With the plan to try and keep to the outskirts of the city going quite well until we came across the tunnel under the Yangtze river. The sign said ‘No Bicycles Allowed’. So we all got in formation again and just went for it.

The tunnel is about 3 miles long and as we hit the entrance I heard the guy shout at us as we pedalled past. Nothing could go wrong! The first mile seemed ok  and the tunnel was well lit and the traffic kept a safe distance from us. Then it all got a bit more congested though we were still keeping a decent line it was just so noisy!

It was the police sirens trying to hunt us down and finally they rounded us up. They were all a bit confused as I don’t think they have had anyone silly enough to cycle through the tunnel before. It was like trying to cycle through the Dartford tunnel. Fair play we caused chaos. First they tried to get us to load the bikes onto a small pick-up then they realised how big and heavy they were so they left the bikes in the tunnel and gave us a lift out of the tunnel and then sent a bigger van in to pick the bikes up.

Police ride through the tunnel
Police ride through the tunnel

We’ve been here before so we sat on the wall laughing and joking once the bikes arrived although they had to go back for Keiths. Then the inspector arrived full of importance and ended up giving us a telling-off and fining us 50 yen each for violation of traffic laws (£6 each). It was all paid on the spot with a receipt. At least that was efficient and then they let us on our way.

First signpost for Shanghai
First signpost for Shanghai

We carried on through the city and came to another tunnel. We all looked at each other and said maybe not this time sp we rerouted and came to a big park. The guards would not let us through the park even if we walked the cycles. One guard started to shout at us louder and louder but we just smiled. Luckily a lady came over and explained to the guard that we could not understand him and she gave us directions around the park; very nice lady.

Linney & Rylan had a little look in the park while Keith and I looked after the bikes but they were only in there for half an hour.

Keith in traffic
Keith in traffic
Linford and the Yangtze river
Linford and the Yangtze river
Rylan and the Yangtze river
Rylan and the Yangtze river

All in all though it put another couple of hours onto the ride until finally we managed to get out of Nanjing and get some sort of rhythm going in the ride as we pushed on through the rolling hills trying to make up some time. The youngsters were fretting because we had not stopped for lunch so we had a bit of a compromise with a soft drink and some chocolate and a promise to eat as soon as we hit Zhenjiang.

Good lads they really hit the pace in the afternoon and dragged us along with them. Keith had probably one of the best falls ever as he got stuck in a rut on the road and achieved a full somersault with a twist, pike and the best landing in living memory. Definitely a front-runner for fall of the tour. Linney made the quip ‘that’s how to fall Dale’.

As we closed in on Zhenjiang we made another change of plan; book a hotel first then eat as it was getting dark. The “young uns” guided us in to the hotel with ease through the dwindling light. We all booked in and got the bikes stowed away then it was a quick shower, catch up on the rugby and eat.

I had a little go at matching Keith’s fall as I slipped in the marble hall. I went flying straight on my back with all the elegance of a sack of potatoes. Artistic impression: Nil points, but screaming like a girl: 10 points. Nothing, but feelings, were hurt though.

Day 110: Tuesday October 1st: The Penultimate Day


Route Day 110 – October 1st

Fly-through Map of Day 110.

The team on China's 70th Anniversay Day
The team on China’s 70th Anniversay Day
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Linford, Rylan, Dale and Keith and the 70th Anniversary Banner for the People’s Republic of China 1949-2019

Today was a National Holiday in China celebrating the 70 years of the Peoples Republic of China formed in 1949. It was very big news out here and all the towns and cities were decorated with flags and Chinese lanterns. All the staff in the hotel had “We love China “ tee shirts on and were waving flags. Keith and I had a picture taken with them before the young ones left the breakfast table, under the celebration banner, then we had a full team picture just before we left.

The roads where reasonably quite as we left Zhenjiang making the route out of the city very easy though we did not hit any open roads. The towns and villages just merged into one. We made really good time in the morning on the empty roads but may be also because the lads did not want to miss lunch again. Before we knew it we had done over 50 odd miles so the call went out for a lunch stop as we entered Changzhou.

Unluckily at this point Keith had a puncture with the lads in front. I soon caught them up and told then to ease up and when Keith re-joined us we took a little detour into the town and found small café. We had a very nice meal with ice cream after although Keith did have another flat just as we left.

Barge on the Yangtze river
Barge on the Yangtze river

Soon we are on our way again with the rain holding off and with the head-wind not too bad it was just a matter of riding in the last 30 miles. We had a little break about 12 miles out as then some local lads went by on road bikes. It was like red rags to a bull; off the young went chasing them down with Keith & I in tow. We soon caught them and passed them but they did try and stick with us for a while but then tailed off. Then we joined two other local lads who stayed with us all the way into Wuxi. We left them with a wave and smile just as we found our hotel.

Day 111: Wednesday October 2nd: The Final Day

Route Day 111 – October 2nd

Fly-through Map of Day 111.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-03 at 07.59.12
Keith, Rylan, Linford and Dale ready for the last day

Well it’s the last days cycling in China after over 100 days on the road. It seems a bit surreal to be coming to end of this part of the tour, but we have still got loads of cycling in Japan to look forward too.

Went through the normal mornings preparations; breakfast, get the bikes ready, then pedal – all pretty simple stuff. We all had our Bike Rugby Japan cycling tops on, Linney & I also had the shorts but Keith had mislaid his and Rylan never had shorts ordered. We did look smart outside the hotel for a photo shoot and think the lads were pleased I had finally binned my shorts that I have worn for the whole trip. [Club fine for not wearing the fully prescribed kit on a match day: Ed]. A Chinese guy took the picture on Linney’s camera and he kept getting stuck in the automatic doors trying to get the angle right. Linney was not too impressed and thought he was going to drop the camera or run off with it.

The ride on the last day
The ride on the last day
Suited and booted for the last day's ride
Suited and booted for the last day’s ride

We left Wuxi in light drizzle but it was very warm and we were straight out onto the secondary road into Shanghai,. Just over 80 miles planned for toda, all of it in built up industrial or suburban communities with next to no open spaces at all.

None of us were really enthused about the ride into Shanghai. I for one was very apprehensive as I’m not keen on riding in the big cities although the cycle paths in all the Chinese cities have been very good. You just have to be aware of the electric scooters zooming all over the place beeping their horns to pass.

Massive statue in Shanghai
Massive statue in Shanghai

With open fast cycling paths running adjacent to the road we made really good progress skirting around the edge of Suzho City. We saw a massive statue of a Buddha in the distance so we had to have a look. It turned out to be a theme park so nothing to special. We had a drink stop next to a shop selling crabs. The guy invited us in but it wasn’t  for me. Keith had a look at 100s of crabs in tanks waiting to be sold for dinner.

All looking smart for the last day on the road
All looking smart for the last day on the road
Massive underpass
Massive underpass

The road into the city of Shanghai followed the river, for the final 20 miles with the cycle path following up and over all sorts of concrete flyovers. It just seemed madness that we were so close.

Only 8 miles to go - beer stop
Only 8 miles to go – beer stop

After lunch we stopped at a little place for a beer and to take stock of where we were going to stay. With around 7 miles to the centre we picked a hotel close to the train station and set off to find it.

To be honest the ride into the centre of the city was not too bad; great cycle paths, then weaving in and out of the rush hour traffic was all good fun. We found the hotel and booked in with ease.

It did seem strange taking all the panniers off the bikes as we stored them in the hotel’s garage.

Linford, Rylan and Dale in Shanghai
WhatsApp Image 2019-10-03 at 07.59.13
Dale, Linford, Keith and Rylan – all done!

Thoughts from Dale

1: Now you’ve completed the ride what are your first thoughts?

We have only gone and done it and then wow Shanghai is massive but has no bars! Dale

2: Of those 100 days, which was the most exhilarating and which the most despairing?

The most exhilarating was seeing the Himalay mountains on the right hand side. The snow covered peaks were breathtaking.

The most despairing was not getting through the Ukraine/Russia border and riding 100 miles in a circle and to cap it off I got a bee sting in the eye. Dale

3: With different cultures and languages their was plenty of scope for embarrassment. Got a funny story?

Very embarrassing and funny for those watching (and it was being filmed) was standing up in front of all the trainee school teachers in a remote place in Kazakhstan and trying to explain where we had been and where we were going. I made a complete mess; getting all the countries mixed up; Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and all the other Stans. Dale.

4: Did you ever think you may not make it? Why or why not?

Not once did I think we would not make it. It was not an option. Sometimes I thought it just may have taken a bit longer than planned. Dale.

5: Before you started you said you’d probably throw your bike in the China Sea if you made it. Had enough of cycling yet?

We are carrying on as we intend to cycle in Japan too. But I’m definitely going to do another trip another time. Dale.

Bonus Question (from Dave)

You’ve surveyed beer from the North Sea to the East China Sea. Most memorable? And the worst?

Definitely the worst is when no beer is available! After that it was the warm beer in West China where they did not seem to have fridges.

The best beer was a freezer full of ice cold beer in a little shack miles away from any town in the Chinese desert. Dale.

Thoughts from Keith

1: First thoughts on finishing the ride

Never crossed my mind we wouldn’t finish. Great to be on time and all good. Keith.

2: Did you ever feel like throwing your bike in a ditch? Why?

Never felt like throwing the bike in a ditch, but Dale, yes! Keith.

Thoughts from Linford

1: First thoughts on finishing the ride?

Relief & excitement for Japan (which will include more riding)! Linford.

2: Funniest thing that happened

The funniest thing has to be Dale’s bee sting and the few days after where he looked like Quasimodo and then dad injecting his arse.  Linford.

3: Best day and worst day

The best day would be the home stay with the family in Kazakhstan. After meeting a drunk down the shop and him taking us back to meet his family who welcomed us, fed us and then let us sleep at their place. Also another highlight would be the last day in Kyrgyzstan after we climbed all day up a load of switch backs and then rode along side the snow capped Himalaya.

The worst day would probably be when we tried to go through the conflict zone in Donetsk but got turned away which meant going back to the same town we started in having done 101 miles. Also knowing that meant we had a massive 700 mile detour. Very disheartening and this was near the beginning so it wasn’t a good start.

Also one of the worst days was riding in the 48°c heat of the Kazakhstan desert against a big head wind. We were struggling to do 8 mph and drinking over 10 litres of water a day without going for a pee. Linford.

4: Weirdest food experience?

We had a lot of mystery meat soups in the Stans but they actually tasted pretty good. So it was probably ordering some random dishes on our first day in China. It turned out to be three huge plates; one intestine type dish, a dish with a load of little boney fish and then a really spicy and boney chicken dish. We all struggled to eat much of any of them which is very rare because I usually eat anything and everything put in front of me! Linford.

5: Were you ever worried about your safety?

I was worried a few times. For example riding through the ghost towns in Ukraine with bullet holes and blown up buildings around after we were told by the UN people not to step off the road as there are a lot of land mines everywhere.

And then our first night in China sleeping rough in a park trying to sleep with one eye open as there was a lot of people walking around and I thought we might get robbed.

Also being woke up by a load of old bill whilst trying to camp behind a petrol station wasn’t nice as we didn’t know who they were and what they wanted. Linford.

Everyday and ALL the Details

Full spreadsheet of everyday’s ride.

Map of Progress Part 1.

Map of Progress Part 2.

Overland To India

See how Ben and Jess are getting on as they take a more southern route across Asia to India. You can catch up with them here. An excerpt is below.

Last week they left Samarkand for Tashkent and finally left Uzbekistan and re-entered Kazakhstan. We’ve had no update since then.

Naturally we wish them luck as they continue. I believe they stay in Almaty for a while before flying to India and continuing there.



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