RvR Day 5 Brecon to Aberystwyth

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A beautiful wild-camp at Llwyn-On Reservoir , Brecon
RvR Day 5: Brecon to Aberystwyth

We had lovely nights sleep in a 5 star wild camp. A bn to Aberystwytheautiful place. Breakfast consisted of coffee and any chocolate that Stubbsy had not eaten last night.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-27 at 09.08.30We then hit the road just after 7 with two things in mind one to get a breakfast and the other was to fix Dave’s rear wheel spoke. We found a bike shop in Brecon but it did not open until 9 so we had an impressive breakfast at Morrisons. When it did open the bike shop did not have a spoke for Daves wheel!

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-27 at 14.09.42So we pressed on to Builth Wells and found a cracking bike shop called Cycle-Tec: they were great and gave us really good service.

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With the rain getting a bit heavier we went on the A44. It was not too bad though a few trucks got quite close and we even had a car brush Stubbsy’s elbow. With the rain getting heavier and the climbs getting a bit steeper we pushed on with big Dave pulling at the front eating up the miles.

Then the shout went up ‘can we stop for something to eat’. So we stopped at a pub in Llangurig for a pint and baguette. It was still raining when we came out but  with a hint of sunshine coming through. It also made us smile as we had only 34 miles to go.

We got back onto the A44 with Dave pushing from the front again climbing and going through some wonderful scenery with red kites swirling above us. Great times. There must have been 30 Red Kites in the air.

We stopped at a viewing station about 10 miles from Aberystwyth with the text going mad as Connor and Mark were organizing meeting us. [Ed: they were at Dovey Junction trying to catch a train, but these were cancelled and they eventually got  the replacement bus to Aberystwyth]. Fair play they booked us into hotel whilst they had a bit of trouble on the trains. Bless them. No troubles for us.

Later we also phoned Auntie Doreen and made arrangements to meet them tomorrow. It was great that Uncle Alan got the priorities right and checked about going out and thought correctly that we would not want to stay up late. We go to bed at 10 when cycling! Well most of the time.

We arrived in Aberystwyth and I got my real ale order in for the special one and cider for the rest. Connor and Mark made the rendezvous and all of us joined up for a beer and food and discussed the next few days riding.


2 thoughts on “RvR Day 5 Brecon to Aberystwyth

  1. Dear Keith, Dale, Loved reading the write ups nice Alan met up with you, I remember going to Aberystwyhth with Irene and Doreen. And to Brecon. Keep safe and enjoy and love to all. Mum xx

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  2. What a great time you are having, nearly as good as my swim each day, have a great time at Doreen and Alans its always lovely to see family that’s for sure.


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