KMT Day 1 Wingham to Cranleigh

Map Day 1 Wingham to Cranleigh
Profile Day 1 Wingham to Cranleigh

Saturday 28th August

It was weird starting from Wingham this year, but I still had the same nervous apprehension as I rode up to Bingo’s place. We met with Cathal and we’re off.

We then met Dave and Stubbsy at Longage Hill and rode on to Sellindge to pick up Glen. As normal for a Canterbury lad he was half an hour late – it’s a different time zone in Canterbury! Finally got going at 8:55.

It was a nice steady ride, although we missed the coffee stop in Tenterden – who likes coffee anyway!

We enjoyed the lovely ride though the Garden of England and stopped for light refreshments at the King William IV in Pembury. After Tunbridge got onto the trails and followed the Cuckoo trail to East Grinstead. A really good ride. Then another little stop to regroup at the Junction where Glen got told to catch up by a 3 year old! That made him smile. After that we moved on to eat at the Wild West restaurant but Stubbsy was really disappointed that they had relocated, so we moved on to the Red Lyon just outside Horsham. It had Timothy Taylor on draught so all good, and it was a nice meal. Then we moved on to find a site, just off the track in the woods.

It was a good day of around 95 miles.

Where’s Glen?
On the road
First nights camping
Keith looking for signs


2 thoughts on “KMT Day 1 Wingham to Cranleigh

  1. Have a fantastic ride.I look forward to following along each day reading the blog..Have fun ,ride safe and wa sh your hands.💕


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