Barca 2 Stage 02

Puiseux-Pontoise to Châteaudun


After eating all we could last night I was surprised to see the full complement at the breakfast bar in morning. Fair play to the lads they are a team – all pulling together.

Little side note, nothing much was doing on the breakfast table this morning. Sunday in France is great! “We will sort it as Stubby” says “there is always a McDonalds”! “Not on my watch” I reply.

We left just after 8am through the urban outskirts of Paris. The team did well keeping to the traffic management, all that is, except Carl who likes to go the wrong way around roundabouts. Living dangerously and keeping us all entertained – absolutely brilliant.

Getting Going

Finally got out of the city and the lads are putting in some miles but at the same time holding back for us old ones. We were eating up the miles.

Eric pulling us towards the 35 mile refreshment break, and received some ice creams. Naturall the more riders had a beer – not keen on ice cream!


With two beers in my legs off we went. May be it’s not great for a team but once again, they pulled us through. Steve Richards is riding like a diamond. Cathal is marshalling the younger contingent to keep the pace.

We keep the pace up as we got into the arable farm land south west of Paris. Not much around – just the odd farm hamlet. Eric tried to find a refreshment stop to no avail but the young scout’s up their game and found the only cafe in the area. Pity they only had two pint glasses, obviously Bingo and I took control of them.

Lunch Stop


After getting suitable refreshed we rolled on to Châteaudun around 10 miles away.

We all re-convened in the vibrant town square where some kind of medieval fete was going on.

The lovely Loir river – a tricky weir to get past when paddling!


After finally being allowed to check-in – the hotel had beren closed all afternoon – we sorted ourselves out and came out for the evening. Fortunately there was plenty of choice from food-stalls are aroiund the square and we were soon tucking in. Naturally a few more beers were required. It’s been a hot day.

it has been a privilege to ride with such a great, strong bunch of blokes all pulling together and riding as a great team.

Stage 02 Route
Stage 02 Profile

Kobi News

Once again thanks for all your great support and are thoughts are always with Kobi and his amazingly supportive family and friends.

As you can see we have reached 120% of our target on the charity collection. Massive effort from everyone. Big thanks all round.

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