Barca 2 Stage 06

Villefranche-de-Rouergue to Villefranche-de-Lauragais

Stage 06 Line-up
Stage 06 Route
Strage 06 Profile

Set off from the best hotel in living memory according to Conor. Bless him he has led a sheltered life. Fair play it was one of the best and provided a cracking breakfast.

We are away just after 8am – would have been half hour early but for the humour of our own stand up comedian; you can guess his name – Carl – true Aylesham character.

We are off as a big strong team with the youngsters pulling a massive wheel. They are brilliant. Us older lads are putting in the same effort but are just slightly slower! We are all taking in the magnificent scenery.

It’s very pleasant riding through the vineyards and beautiful scenery. It’s a pleasure to ride. All the team are riding great but you can feel the tension as they know that the Pyrenees are coming. It’s just the calm before the storm.

All is going well as the lads stopped around the 35 mile for a welcome break. Eric is ever present with a great spread and it’s coupled with a bar next door. It’s rude not to have a beer and a few joined in. Met a lovely couple from NZ. It’s great when you meet terrific people on the road.

We were off again with no big climbs just rolling roads eating up the miles. We got concerned when Mark chased the wrong rider down who was going the wrong way! The bloke was so polite that he took the lead before letting us know that he needed to re-route, good lad.

We stopped in a little rugby town called Caraman, Haute-Garonne, and had some beers at the JSC Caraman Rugby Club. They were excellent hosts and very proud of their rugby heritage. Good guys. They were triple champions this season.

On we pushed for the last 20 miles with easy-peasy riding burning up the miles. Before we knew it the Garmin says the ride over – good! Then we drank the hotel out of beer and so we were forced onto the red wine. When in Rome do what the Romans do.

Unfortunately Linford got stung by a wasp and he made a big song and dance about it, while his cousin mentioned he had a little bite on the back the other day. Good fortune was with Linford, his bottom lip was only swollen a little bit so his rugged good looks were not spoiled. By a strange coincidence it was 3 years to the day since Dale got a wasp sting to his eyelid in the Ukraine. Linford laughed like a horse on that occaison so may be this was fate paying back.

Dale and his bee stung eye

The team enjoyed a fabulous meal in the evening.

First Pitstop

On the Road

Second Pitstop


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