Barca 2 Home 01

Barcelona to Tàrrega

Home 01 – All set to leave Barcelona
Route Home 01
Profile Home 01

All change today, Glen, Steve & Jade, left really early in the morning, so said our good-byes last night.

Eric, Cathal, Linney and Marc, had the wonderful job of loading the van up this morning, really difficult, how they fitted everything in was amazing, they left around 10, with a cuddle and best wishes for a safe pleasant journey.

The rest of the contingent are leaving this afternoon, so they was all there to wave us off.

Not so dramatic this year as we opted for an Uber van to take us out of the main city, good choice as its manic, with traffic everywhere.

Both of us little bit nervous, as it’s totally different riding with big heavy bikes, but loads of fun, really!

Got the bikes out of the van, with the driver thinking these guys are mad, he probably has a point, but we are off.

The first 30 odd miles was so hot, 36 degrees and up hill all the way, told you it was good fun, but pretty tough going, with lots of traffic.

Having to take on more water every hour, coupled with ice creams, my not drinking alcohol starting off so good.

Finally finished the last big climb and as we came over the brow of the hill, there was a little restaurant, in the village La Panadalla. Bingo rode straight passed it, what’s going on! Only to realise he had spotted umbrellas further along. Well that finished the non-drinking session. Lasted just over 4 hours – pretty good.

After getting suitably refreshed we started again, far more pleasant now on the quiet back roads and tracks – this is what we wanted.

Heading for a pension hotel in the rural town of Tàrrega, so hot decided not to camp. Eat in a local restaurant, actually nice to have bit of an appetite after the shenanigans of Barcelona.

Cheers lads, it’s been a great tour! Hope everyone gets home safe and on time👍🏼


Cannot thank all you lads enough. Enjoyed every minute of this ride great riding but more importantly fantastic company. Bingo & Dale you are both already legends in my mine and so many others enjoy, stay safe and hydrated.

Mark Moses

Dale and Keith hope all is good have a lovely couple of weeks all the best


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