Barca 2 Home 02

Tàrrega to Morillo de Tou

Cooling off after a long hot day in the saddle
Route – Home 02
Profile – Home 02

Our host Ramon was true to his word, breakfast was served promptly at 7. It was just Bingo and I could not find the kitchen; honestly nothing to do with the alcohol intake. Crazy building with stairs all over the place, finally got there with our new Eric just for one day, great breakfast, then hit the road in the cool early morning sun.

Both made a mental note to ride early – it’s far more pleasant. We had a cracking first 3 1/2 hours on the back roads and farm tracks, an absolutely pleasure to ride.

Bingo got a puncture adjacent to an apple orchard – no issues just got on with it.

We rolled in into the town of Alfarras had a custard tart thing, a cup of sweet coffee and a few soft drinks. Knowing it was getting very hot again we moved on pretty quickly.

With the climbs starting, we just rolled on, without a care in the world. It’s a nice place to be.

Sure enough the temperature started to rise and we also had a tough section through an unmade road on rutted deep sand – only for a mile or two though.

With the temperature getting into the mid thirties we took some shade under some trees and decided to head to the village of Fonz. Lovely place, great architecture and the obligatory stork’s nests. Unfortunately it had no restaurant so we took refuge in the shade of a local bar.

We managed to book a room, roughly 26 miles away, so it seemed no problem however it turned out to be the toughest part of the day.

Climbing the last section in relentless heat it felt like a furnace. We met a really nice family from the USA having a ice cream in a fuel rest area – usual photo shot completed.

We carried on to the digs, its saving grace being its great setting and swimming pool. We also had a meal in the site’s restaurant.

Another tough 85 miles under the belt, with plenty of climbing still to do so an early night for us.

Lads, a big thanks to everyone of you for such a great tour. Special thanks to Dale and Keith, firstly for inviting me and secondly for all the hard work that goes in organising so a great trip.

Have a great ride home 👍🍺


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