Barca 2 Home 03

Morillo de Tou to Biescas

Careful of the dog
Route – Home 03

Not such a great morning, as we left our passports in reception and they didn’t open till 9. Could have been worse we could have left without them.

Finally got on the road at 9am, with a plan to ride to Ainsa, a medieval town then have breakfast, as nothing at the camping / chalet place opened till 9.

Quite a steady climb to Ainsa, then found a small cafe in the surprising busy town.

Soon we are on our way again, heading for Sabiñánigo, with a stop in between.

Steep climbing, with a few scary tunnels, not very long, around 500m, but very noisy.

Pulled over in a bit of shade, checked the maps, noticed a small village Fiscal a couple of miles away, so headed for that and some refreshments.

As we set of again, we come off the road on to a shale track, this was not our greatest plan, ending up doing four miles on this while you could see the road but could not get on it. By far the most difficult section of the Tour so far. Eventually Bingo spotted a locked gate which headed to the road, we managed to squeeze the bikes through a hole in the fence and dragged the bikes up to the road, to the entrance to another tunnel, this one was 3 miles long! Still easier than the track, then a lovely 5 mile descent into Sabiñánigo and more well earned refreshments.

We will never learn – got onto another track as we left the town, heading for Biescas and are awaiting accommodation. When we finally arrived, we both agreed to stay away from the tracks until we are out of the mountains.

Bloody hard day.

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