Barca 2 Home 04

Biescas to Moulin de Candaloup

Route Home 04
Profile Home 04

It’s Bastille day in France. I Wish I had thought about that, everything will be closed, but no worries.

We left the Pension just after 7am both knowing we had a 20 mile climb ahead of us, breakfast consisted of Jaffa cakes and water – we are both highly tuned athletes so are very careful what we put in are bodies! Conversation was very quiet, both understand how difficult the Pyrenees are!

So here we go “super star djs let’s rock” Just get in the right gear and let your highly tuned bodies do the business.

Mate it’s easy saying it, with the kilometre signs in your face telling you the gradient and how far to go. It messes with your head.

But up and up we went, blessing for small mercy’s the road surface was perfect.

At around the 12mile mark a big sign saying tunnel ahead and here we are China style go for it stay tight and pedal like mad. Fair play a big lorry stayed behind us for the last 1\2 mile, then give us the thumbs up as we peeled of as we reached the end with thighs screaming and thinking ‘I thought tunnels were flat!’.

Just kept ticking off the annoying distances markers, until we reached the 16 mile stage, pulled over for coffee and soft drink and a look at the impressive scenery.

One final push to the summit, 4 miles of absolute joy or pain – a bit of both.

As we reached the summit only one thing to do – have are last beer or two in Spain ‘Viva Espana’. It’s been tough but great fun.

Now for the stunning descent with the Tour de France placards everywhere. (One of the final climbs of this year’s tour on 21st July).

Stunning descent trying to eek out every bit of speed – marvellous.

We stopped at the only restaurant that was open (Bastille Day) for a massive meal – we needed it. Bingo booked a place around 30 mile away, seemed a walk in the park, with the heat and climbing is was tough but doable.

Left all the accommodation stuff to Bingo, he has done himself proud, lovely gite in a converted water mill. With exceptional hosts, served us with ice cold beer, a carafe of red wine and even knocked us up a meal. Result!

We then waxed lyrical about putting the world to rights through the early evening.

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