Barca 2 Home 05

Moulin de Candaloup to Courant de Mimizan

Route Home 05
Profile Home 05

A sad day today as two funerals, so our thoughts go out to the friends and families of:

Leonard Mark Gash (Mark)

My cousin on my Mum’s side, left us so so early – RIP Mark, I did wear green today, and Bingo’s kit is going green as its the only kit he has worn all tour.

Vale, Dale & Keith

Keith ( Bomber) Thomas

One of my football mentors in my teenage days, playing for Barham at 16, Bomber was inspirational in encouraging the youngsters to play sport, and more importantly kept this up with his youth club work.

Total respect mate

RIP Dale & Keith

Had a tinge of sadness as we left today, for the aforementioned tributes above. So not so many words today, reflection in how lucky we all are, with our health and well-being.

Well that all went pear shaped after 90 mins of burning up the miles getting my head right, came up to a bridge under repair, can assure you that does not normally put us off. But the shored up sides of the 20ft gap did.

So a little diversion, nothing my turrets can’t handle, amazing how a few swear words seem to get over everything (sorry Mum, “if you can’t express your self correctly, do not say anything” )!

Mate we seemed to be heading back to the Pyrenees will all the climbs, Bingo has looked after me for far too long, he just leaves me to it, then hey ho I am back in the game, as if nothing has happened.

We did have an early stop but I was still in my temper tantrum mode so have no idea where it was.

We pulled into a Garage just before Dax, had a soft drink, then pushed on, feeling better and legs working, had a great 25 section pulling and working together, with the added goal of proper refreshments.

Loving these French set courses, including a carafe of red wine, sets you up a treat. Off we went again, heading to the Atlantic coast, through the forest cycle tracks, last 20 mile was a pleasure with no cars and very few other cyclists.

We arrived in the resort town of Minizan had the normal photo with the Atlantic in the background.

Barcelona (Mediterranean) to Atlantic coast via the Pyrenees in five days, good going. So had a few celebration drinks, before finally setting off to find our digs.

95 miles – bit tough at first then very enjoyable riding.

Kobi News

Still hoping to get over the £6000. Massive thanks from all the team for the contributions so far. Thinking of you Kobi!

You can donate on our JustGiving page here. Or use the QR code:

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