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Angoulême to Poitiers-Futuroscope

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Route Home 07
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So after the tribulations of yesterday it was a pretty straight forward ride today, Angoulême to Poitiers, about 85 miles.

We left early again to get cracking in some miles before it gets hot; forecast is today and tomorrow are going to be the hottest. Never mind its nice and cool in the morning winding through the vineyards on the little farm tracks makes for some great riding. Soon the vineyards are replaced with sunflowers and sweetcorn, sure them sunflowers just keep grinning at us and saying “what you doing”, also always think of one of ourex drivers ‘Jamie’ – great bloke and terffic company, you went too early mate, always loved the sunflowers and of course McDonald’s. Not sure what goes through my head half the time, but makes the miles tick away.

Bingo increased the pace unbeknown to me he as could see a service station ahead, so on we rolled for breakfast, 30 miles – good going. Little discussion on the route, rumours afloat we may have another guy joining us?

He is saying get to xxxxx by Wednesday and I will join you, Bingo says ‘do you know how far that is?’.

Still on the back roads winding and twisting though the French countryside. We came across another closed road, with a diversion sign – no problem skipped passed the barriers and carried on; it’s some sort of car rallycross event taking place, seems we are on the track! Guy comes up to us and says we have to go back, Bingo says no, in the end the guy let’s us through and gives us directions – top man.

It’s a very fast road into Poitiers, with the plan to get to the digs on the north side of town.

Stopped for refreshments – unfortunately I upset an American couple, who allegedly had been waiting for drinks for an age. I went straight to the bar – waiter was over like a flash with our drinks, while the American guy was moaning and gesticulating to the waiter, who just ignored them and carried on talking with us. They eventually just got up and went, the waiter shrugged his shoulders and laughed

Bingo sorted out digs with a swimming-pool, top man, next to the Futuroscope theme park, full of school kids – but not an issue. They stayed up later than us!

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