Barca Home 08

Poitiers-Futuroscope to Vendôme

Two key birthdays today:

Many happy returns to my sister Joanne on her 50th birthday have a lovely day.

Dale & Keith

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Tim, have a great day and all the very best for your upcoming retirement may it be long and enjoyable.

Dale & Keith
Route Home 08
Profile Home 08

Back into riding mode now, with an early breakfast and on the road just after 7am with a hearty breakfast – just like the condemned men! One last wish; a fair wind and strong legs.

Always the strong legs, the wind is turning in our favour, as we burn the early miles off with ease. We are flying hey ho here we go. As we turned into the forest I just had a feeling the good road surface would not last- it soon turned to soft sand, great for horses, as we went through a beautiful farm and stables. We got a very strange look from a couple out riding, we asked how long the track was, bit difficult with my pigeon French, but think they said 3km. Managed to finally get back on the road and get back to normal speed.

We stopped in Saint-Maure-de-Tourain for a drink, before speeding off and heading for Tours. It’s a pretty big town so decided to get through it and have lunch on the exit, once we had got through the town, fair play to Bingo he led the way, weaving in an out of the traffic, me just following, not knowing where we are going, just about keeping on his tail.

It was a relief getting out of the town, especially when the temperature was touching 42 degrees, so hot it’s only when you stop you realise how hot it is.

A bit short of photos today so here’s some of a canoe trip on the Loire with me & Kristine and Steve & Coral


And here’s some of me, Keith and Linford on the Loire another time


Kobi News

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far – it’s been a brilliant effort. Thinking of you Kobi! Onwards and upwards.

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