Barca 2 Home 09

Vendôme to Dreux

44.9° Celcius
Route Home 09
Profile Home 09

For the first time in living memory we had a lay in today, well got up at 7am all in fluster – just relax.

Had breakfast and just rolled out heading for Chartres and then beyond. Not quite sure of the final destination tonight – ‘just let it roll bab’y, a line from a Door’s track, that they played last night. Unfortunately it was not the place to rip it up (and I did not have Eric with me!).

We had a lovely downhill stretch to get these puppies rolling and we we are off. Loving the road bikes just gliding along. Obviously we had a few off-road sections but nothing serious, just bit of sand and pebbles.

With the wind on our backs the stunning towers of Chartres Cathedral came into view, very nice city, stopped for a drink and a bit to eat and a chat about where we head to for now – decided on Dreux.

Bingo booked the digs, before we set off again, with only another 30ish miles and a nice tail wind it only took just over an hour and half. Nice to finish riding relatively early for a change. Had customary finishing drinks, then just took our time, before we set out for an evening meal.

Not the most pretty of towns, had a beer in the roughest cafe in town, for no reason other than we did. Then made our way to a buffet restaurant – nothing special just lots of pasta.

Another 90 odd miles done.

Kobi News

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far – it’s been a brilliant effort. Thinking of you Kobi! Onwards and upwards.

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