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Dreux to Forges-les-Eaux

Dave arrives by ferry, train and bus!
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Well it rained last night, the first time since we left Calais nearly three weeks ago. It was quite pleasant setting off just before 7am, with the damp cool breeze on our backs.

As normal we had a bit of trouble getting out of town, before we got on a cycle path along an old railway line, absolutely amazing track twisting through the small towns and villages, we stayed on there for 20 miles or so, loved it.

Heading for the picturesque Town of Veron on the banks of the river Seine, stopped for coffee and breakfast in the bustling square, rode through the town then over the river Seine, past a glorious château, then out in the rolling countryside.

Big Dave is meeting us today, with a bit of texting and pindrops we have a arranged a meeting point at some posh restaurant in Auberge de la Forêt in Morgny.

Nothing but the best, Dave one hell of an effort to join us mate, true legend and great to ride to with you – respect.

Not sure what they eat, some pâté then guinea fowl as part of the set meal – salad and cheese board for me, all well sorted and even washed down with a local IPA and cider, all good.

Let’s get these guns rocking, great riding through the forest and twisty turning lanes, pure pleasure. One other thing – Dave did bring a bag full of rain, actually it was quite pleasant riding in small showers.

With about 10 miles to go, the ever vigilant captain spotted a rugby club, Forges-les-Eaux, funny that I struggle to see signs, bumps in the road etc, but my mind works in mysterious ways, if there is a rugby club there is bound to be a pub.

Well sure as eggs there was a welcoming bar, enough said, we stopped for some well earned refreshments.

Then the heavens opened, rain coming down like stair rods, the Captain made the important call, ‘rain stops play!’.

Bingo quick as a flash books a pension less than 3 minutes away, as always everything planned in the finest detail.

Back at the digs, shower, wash the kit, plan tomorrow’s route, only 120 miles to go! and wake Dave up.

We are nearly there, will give an update on our ETA in Sunshine Corner when we know the ferry times.

Kobi News

Once again thanks for all your fabulous support. Kobi, I think I may need to disinfect my cycling top before I pass it on to you, it’s yours mate.

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