Barca 2 Home 11

Forges-les-Eaux to Le Touquet

Route Home 11
Profile Home 11

It was an early breakfast at 6:30am, normal French fare, but it keeps us going. Left just after 7am with overcast skies, but Dave the new weatherman assured us everything will be fine.

Just an easy peasy jaunt to Le Touquet, around 85 miles, walk in the park. To be perfectly honest, we just rolled it in, nothing serious. Within no time we had done nearly 35 miles, stopped for a coffee and pain au chocolat, without the pain au chocolat, think the guy just forgot them, no issues just had two coffees – all good.

Just taking it easy as we are heading for the “seaside” nice an easy riding three abreast down the little lanes, then on the cycle paths just by the sea-front. Nice riding, tried to pull over for lunch, got the priorities right in the 1st place ordered the beer, then they said no food today. Obviously had to finish the beer before we moved on. Found another place around 4 miles away, cycled there, only to find out we had missed the 2pm watershed, liquid lunch it is then – no dramas.

Then just cruised to the outskirts of Le Touquet, Bingo had booked an AirBnB – very easy day today, but nice and pleasant. Dave was true to his word as the sun finally came out – nice.

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