Barca 2 Home 12

Le Touquet to Calais and Dover to Aylesham

Home again
Route Home 12
Profile Home 12

It’s the last day of an Epic Tour, many thanks to the whole team who took part in the 1st section, great company, riding and the atmosphere in Barcelona was electric. A special thanks to Bingo for accompanying me on the journey home, mate that was tough and to be perfectly honest touch and go if we could actually do it, but we did, as always.

Lovely last breakfast in France, home made jams, marmalade, fresh bread and coffee. Set of with the knowledge of a little bumpy 45 mile ride to Calais, nothing serious just like riding the North Downs. To be perfectly honest we smashed it, hitting the Port of Calais around 11:15, thinking maybe get on an earlier ferry, no such luck, the queue for UK immigration was manic 1 1/2 wait, as only 4 booths were open. Pretty ironic that all the queuing at Dover is blamed on the French and vice versa in Calais they blame it on the UK, just a political game! [And not remotely anything to do with the extra paperwork required since Brexit: Ed] Never mind we eventually made it through.

Lads, thanks for a great tour, its been a honour to ride with you all and thanks for supporting both worthy causes. Here’s to the next one.

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