Barca 2 Stage 08

Alp Catalonia to Barcelona

Stage 08 Line up
Stage 08 Route
Stage 08 Profile

A quick run through of last night’s Tour presentation meal, from one of our main sponsors, prizes and names in no particular order.

  • Mark Moses – Most considerate rider
  • Glen Dobson – Loudest laugh
  • Rylan House – Rider of the Tour, led from the front every day.
  • Marc Tonks – Best newcomer had a great tour.
  • Carl Moses – Kept everyone spirits up, in his own unique way.
  • Dave Austen – Awesome rider with heart of gold
  • Cathal – Not so young, but seriously quick witted.
  • Mark Jordan – Very dependable, able to mix it up when required.
  • Stubby – Great ride mate, so close to being rider of the Tour, pesky young guns just pipped him.
  • Steve Richards – Another anchor man, pulling us older generation along with him
  • Linford House – So happy to have relinquished the young tab, does loads of untold work under the radar.
  • Conor Miller -Massive guy with untold talent, few rides with are development coach will bring him on a treat.
  • Bingo – Awesome, always ready to share his vast experience in travelling or life.

Thanks to you all for a great tour it’s been a great experience for myself & one I will never forget. You all have made me so welcome & I really appreciate it.

Thanks again for Keith and Dale for all the hard work that goes into all the planning.
You all have a safe journey home & looking forward to catching up with you all soon

Mark Jordan

We had a magnificent breakfast spread put on by the youngsters, Linney, Rylan and the ever younger Cathal, in their luxurious penthouse suite, always looking after the development squad.

Final setting off picture taken of this inspiring bunch of guys, very proud and slightly humbled to be the Captain and inspiration behind their fabulous achievement. Aylesham guys at their best.

Well that’s all the nice stuff out the of the way. Well what a start, bloke must be mad to book the accommodation here, 20% right from the start up a cobbled jitty then on to the unpaved road till we reached the proper climb. With thighs and knees screaming up we went till we reached the gentle descent into Barcelona.

Mate is was tough, even the the gentle tong of the cowbells seemed to be saying “get off your bike, get off your bike” but that’s never an option.

On we pushed, finally hit the summit 20 odd miles in, the ever present Eric there to meet and greet everyone of us, with are own individual requirements, Carl’s lashings of sarcasm mixed with huge ability to get the best out of all the team, brilliant company. Eric just reaches into the everlasting cool box with a lovely grin and says here you go might like a cold beer – dead right proper lad.

Well it’s down hill now to the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, but on some pretty busy roads for around 30 miles. Fast riding but you need to be concentrating – not easy with me.

Our lead out man took a little tumble – Cathal the most gracious of riders hit a pot hole and went straight over the handle bars, bike OK, minus the snapped off saddle – no issues one strong bloke just rode the last 40 miles as if nothing had changed. Strong determined guy full respect.

The route went slightly pear shaped on the outskirts of Barcelona, over the dry storm out fall, across a flowing river which involved all of us passing are bikes over a river, then jumping across it, not easy, absolutely amazing that I did not fall in!

Nearly there now, through the farm tracks, then back on the busy roads to the Las Ramblas in Barcelona and are waiting for our reception party.

The younger guys full steam ahead, only just managed to pull the whole team off to discuss the ride-in strategy, well have a little beer.

We have only gone and done it,

Thanks to all – a great bunch of lads.


Happy Days

Off Piste

Drinks Break

All Done

All Done – Congratulations Team
Team Captain – don’t ask

R&R Weekend in Barcelona

Kobi News

The contributions continue. Massive thanks from all the team. We’re all thinking of you Kobi!

You can donate on our JustGiving page here. Or use the QR code:


Barca 2 Prologue

Aylesham to Montreuil-Sur-Mer

The Kick-Off

Well here we go again again again, bring it on.

Woke up to a cloudy damp morning, birds singing and chirping. I was feeling a bit concerned, just hoping all the room bookings work out. It’s always tricky with a big group. I’m sure it will be fine, just me being a bit nervous. Naturally ‘Nothing can go wrong’.

First meeting for the the Aylesham contingent was at the Market Square. What a fabulous send off. Many thanks to Stacy, Kobi and all their caring family for taking the time to see us off, very much appreciated. Typical Aylesham send off – a big thanks.

Kobi and the Aylesham crew

Then we off through the lanes to Dover to pick up the rest of the lads adjacent to the White Horse pub by the church ruins, another team picture then down to the docks. Still the archaic procedures going through the numerous check points – finally on to the ferry.

All the crew at the White Horse meeting point
Eric and minibus on the Ferry
The team getting ready to roll-off into France

The Real Start from Calais

Finally off the ferry on to Calais Town Hall, starting are little warm up ride a gentle 45 mile ride to Citadel de Elle de Montareuil- Sur-Mer.

We made a small refreshment stop in the quaint market town of Samer at the cafe de agricultural. We had to as it was raining a little! Lovely ride through the small rolling lanes, very little went wrong though a little puncture about half way. Later I took little tumble on the wet cobbles up to the citadel, nothing serious.

The traditional start from Calais Town Hall
Refreshment stop on the way down

It’s a stunning place to stay and we have booked the whole place, so plenty of beds.

Eric was superb, very much appreciated mate, we could not do this without the support.

The Chateau at Montreuil where they stay the night
Relaxing after the ride
Well deserved
Evening drinks
The Prologue route
The Prologue profile

Kobi News

And last but certainly not least many many thanks to all that have donated. So pleased to be able to support a wonderful caring family, you are a credit to your self Stacy, Jason, Kobi and the whole family – respect.

It’s fantastic that the target was passed today on our first day on the road. Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution so far. Hopefully we can push on and raise a little bit more. We cannot thank you enough.

You can donate on our JustGiving page here. Or use the QR code:

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Kobi/Barcelona Update 1

Raised so far.

These lovely Gents out of the goodness of their hearts are riding for Kobi. Please donate if you can. Thank you Dale and the Gang.

Stacey Milton

Many thanks to those who have donated so far.

The JustGiving donation page is here. Or use the QR code below.

Details of the our Charity Bike Ride to Barcelona in aid of Kobi and the Slide Away charity can be found in the latest edition of the Aylesham InTouch newsletter. (or directly in pdf form)

Keith and Linford with the Slide Away bears in Ukraine, June 2019
The Slide Away bear at the Ukraine border, June 2019