RvR Day 2 Godalming to Hungerford

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Last nights camping spot

We were up early like always when camping and chef Dave and Bingo got the the breakfast coffee or chocolate and porridge going.

Off we set just after 7 following the forest trails then was surprised to find the locks on the Wey and Arun Canal. We chatted with a narrow-boat owner who said it was his last trip fas the boat was being sold.

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Edward Celibate

We carried on through the winding trails and foot paths meeting interesting people on the way giving us encouragement and directions. We met one bloke called Edward who had allegedly given up sex but carried on cycling. He thoroughly recommended it!

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Chatting to the Bargemen and Bargewomen

I managed to keep to keep to the trails most of the time and we another posh lunch; at Tescos this time. Bingo and I still managed to get a beer probably due to the fact I was in the shop. After that we pushed on then and got on the banks of the Kennet and Avon Canal after a little jump over the railway while the 13.32 Paddington to Weymouth thundered past making Stubbsy stop pretty quickly.

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At the Row Barge Inn

It was an excellent ride following the canal on bumpy tracks and we stopped for a few beers at the Row Barge pub, Woolhampton on the banks of the canal. here we met some more cycle tourists, who were great company. Bingo and I managed to black cat them all after some serious tour chat.

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Down the trail

We then pushed along the banks of canal turned off at the junction at Hamstead Mill. Some locals told us that Hungerford was 7 miles away. It was getting late so Bingo did some calcs and booked a Guest House: The Three Swans Hotel. Then we rolled through some wonderful scenery for the last few miles and arrived at Hungerford which seems a nice town.



RvR Day 1 Dover to Godalming

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Andy, Dave and Dale at the Longage rendezvous for and early start on Day 1.

Well here we go again with an early start at Daves to meet Stubbsy. I’m met with an eery silance as everyone is just a bit apprehensive. Especially young Stubbsy as it’s his first tour. We have a quick photo-shoot and then we’re off to meet Bingo at Longage (Lyminge).

We soon met Bingo and with a quick hello we are off with Garmins buzzing like crazy as all of us are out of practise. It should be impossible to get lost in Kent and the plan is to head for Tenterden and then check where we have to go from there.

We even met a few lost sheep along the way making us feel like we are in Wales already.

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Coffee stop at Tenterden

It’s a lovely ride and we are soon at Tenterden for a little coffee stop. We reset the Garmins and off we go.

Guess what I was the first to get lost! Who said “It’s impossible to get lost in Kent”. I’m distracted by a junction pub but after 10 mins I’m back on line to meet up with the rest to the chorus. “How the xxxx did you get to Japan?”.

With a cheeky smile and word to myself I was reminded that if it weren’t for Linny I’d still be riding around Ukraine!

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Forest Way

From here we then had really good 20 odd mile along an old railway line with superb riding.

[this is the Forest Way which follows the old TunbridgeWellss/East Grinstead/Three Bridges railway line closed in the Beeching cuts of 1967. Plans are to link this to the Cuckoo Trail at Groombridge. This follows another old railway line south to Eastbourne].

This line follows the upper Medway valley, through the High Weald and passes close to Ashdown Forest made famous by A.A.Milne and Winnie the Pooh. No time for Pooh-Sticks though. All of us really enjoyed the track and it went a lot further than we thought.

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After that we stopped for a little food at East Grinstead and then carried on to Crawley.

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Through the forest

The urban sprawl outside Crawley was boring and in the end we crossed and re-crossed the M23 three times! As a bonus we went through a woodyard so that at least kept Dave entertained.

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Dinner stop in Horsham

We cracked on until Horsham  and had dinner in a Western themed pub. It was a bit strange but the food was very welcome and naturally we had a few beers.

Then we ambled the last few miles on to the first camp. It’s a nice spot but I made school boy error : I should have checked how the tent went up before this! Eventually got it up but then I couldn’t figure out how to open it to get in!

All good in the end. Sadly we had no beer! Dry tour this year. [Ed: who’s he kidding?]

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Settled in for the night