2121 Kernow Mining Tour

For 2021 the team are riding down to Cornwall and back, starting on the 28th August. In due course their progress will appear on the blog pages.

2020 Ronde van Rhondda

In 2020 the riders looped up to North Wales and back. Find out all about it here.

2019 Bike Rugby Japan

Naturally this ride is done and dusted (including Keith’s extra ride across the USA). All the details can be accessed through the menus above and the links below. To catch up you can start right here.

The final round-the-world route
The original planned route across Europe and Asia

Links to the Stages

The blogs have now been re-arranged so that each stage of the ride can be accessed easily. Each stage includes the orginal blog entries, photos and maps.

Table of links to all Stages.

Links to all the Original Blogs and Maps

If you want to catch up with all the original blog entries then here is a handy table of links:

Table of links to all Original Blogs and Maps.

This was the Plan

To cycle 8100 miles from Aylesham to Japan, via Calais, Kraków  and Shanghai.

Dale, Keith, Linford, Dave, Carl & Cathal who have cycled our previous annual 1000 mile challenges will ride from Calais to Kraków accompanied by the support van and Roger. After a few days rest Dale, Keith and Linford will crack on to Shanghai without the support van – this will involve about a 100 days of cycling.

The ride will be raising money for three Charities: Alzeimer’s, Fight for Sight and Slideaway: with a target of £6000 to be equally shared.

The Team thank the individuals & companies that have provided support.

The route pages Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan (including Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) and China provide  daily schedules and maps for each leg of the journey. The information after Poland is just indicative as without the support van and without a great deal of advance booking they may be doing shorter or longer days as appropriate and may be meandering off-route (intentionally or not).

The total distance is estimated to be 8100 miles – or 13,000 kilometres.

From Shanghai what’s left of them will take a boat to Japan in order to find and watch the Rugby World Cup.

The tournament runs from 20 September to 2 November so our intrepid riders will be leaving our shores on June 12th, arriving in Kraków on June 20th.

Please feel free to Contact Us here for any further information. Our Press Release is here.

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