KMT Day 3 Hungerford to Barr

Monday 30th August

Woke up on a lovely little lane, no traffic, just deer striding majesticly across the Hungerford plains.

Unbelievablely we had no issues this morning from Glen, so we rode on through the towpaths up to the Crofton Steam engine. This is the the oldest beam engine still working in the UK. It was not open but it was good to read the information.

After that we carried on riding through the lanes onto the Mendip hills; good and tough riding. Then we stopped for lunch just outside Shepton Manor at ‘The Thached Inn’. We had a few ciders and beer then off again towards the oasis of Glastonbury. It was great to ride down the High Street with the vibrant colour atmosphere. The Hari Krishna people we dancing down the street – excellent.

We spent the afternoon singing the festival anthems all the way to Bridgewater riding still on great country lanes. Then we joined the towpath on the Bridgewater to Taunton canal. Once again lovely ride as we met some great people on the canal side.

We stopped for dinner at the HQ of the Somerset boat centre – just burger and chips and a few beers. After a cheery good-bye and gold fish bag full of water we set for the last few miles aim with the aim to get through Taunton then find a camp for the night.

Unfortunately the bag got a hole in so only managed to get half of it back. We rode 99 miles in all. Stubbsy was not happy and so he rode around the block to get to the 100 mark!

Cathal’s camp
Thatched Cottage Refreshments
Bruce Tunnel
More Refreshments
Camp at Barr, Taunton
Refreshments near Glastonbury Tor


KMT Day 2 Cranleigh to Hungerford

Sunday 29th August

We had a good camp last night and everyone slept well. After a breakfast of porridge and coffee we hit the road where we headed for Guildford to get Glen another tyre. He’s been nothing but trouble! Really high maintenance! We arrived in Guildford about 9am but the cycle shop did not open till 10am so we all had a full English breakfast. Another wait for Glen: it’s all being noted.

Finally we got going following wonderful trails and canal towpaths. Really great riding. We had some light refreshments in the Rose and Crown in Sandhurst and then carried on through the urban mess of Reading. It was pretty good cycling. Then got on Kennet and Avon canal, which we’ve ridden beside before, and we knew exactly where we where heading; “The Rowbarge”.

I think we were going to get some more detail here, but it never happened. Also I believe the various delays in the day meant they didn’t get as far as they had planned. Perhaps 30 miles short.

Breaking Camp
Forced 2nd Breakfast waiting for Glen
On the Trail
Lunch at the Rose&Crown Sandhurst
Dale cannot resist a War Cemetery
More refreshments at the Downgate
Waiting for Glen. Again.
Settling down for the night

KMT Day 1 Wingham to Cranleigh

Map Day 1 Wingham to Cranleigh
Profile Day 1 Wingham to Cranleigh

Saturday 28th August

It was weird starting from Wingham this year, but I still had the same nervous apprehension as I rode up to Bingo’s place. We met with Cathal and we’re off.

We then met Dave and Stubbsy at Longage Hill and rode on to Sellindge to pick up Glen. As normal for a Canterbury lad he was half an hour late – it’s a different time zone in Canterbury! Finally got going at 8:55.

It was a nice steady ride, although we missed the coffee stop in Tenterden – who likes coffee anyway!

We enjoyed the lovely ride though the Garden of England and stopped for light refreshments at the King William IV in Pembury. After Tunbridge got onto the trails and followed the Cuckoo trail to East Grinstead. A really good ride. Then another little stop to regroup at the Junction where Glen got told to catch up by a 3 year old! That made him smile. After that we moved on to eat at the Wild West restaurant but Stubbsy was really disappointed that they had relocated, so we moved on to the Red Lyon just outside Horsham. It had Timothy Taylor on draught so all good, and it was a nice meal. Then we moved on to find a site, just off the track in the woods.

It was a good day of around 95 miles.

Where’s Glen?
On the road
First nights camping
Keith looking for signs

Kernow Mining Tour 2021

Cornwall, Kernow Flag

Bike-Packing Tour 2021

COVID 19 has had millions of people around the world trapped inside their homes – not working and not traveling, so what a relief it is to be back touring. With travel still severely restricted it’s another UK tour this year. The “Kernow Mining Tour 21”, a ten-day ride down to Lands’ End and back. We’ll travel westwards on a more nor, then head up the east coast for the journey home. The original idea of riding to Barcelona seems a distant memory though hopefully we can get back to in 2022.

Been a difficult year to pull everyone together and get the Tour going, the lads have shown great commitment getting their bikes and mind set ready for another escapade down into the depths of Cornwall.

Looking forward to touring this green and pleasant land, cutting through the garden of England onto the rolling Surrey hills, following the ancient trails down to the shining Cornish blue sea. Then back along the east coast, where the romanticised, English countryside still exists:

“A land where windmills turn on the crest of hills, sun drenched fields of long wheat shimmer in the wind, swans glide down the rivers, the hedge rows buzz with fox cubs, birds and badgers, the farmed land below stretches like a mosaic quilt as far as the eye can see.”

Rudyard Kipling

Tour Members


Ever present and the inspiration behind this years tour.

Dave Austen

Only ever missed one tour, the king of West Hougham now the captain has moved to fresh pastures

Cathal Bartolo

Veteran of many tours, his first on a touring bike, we are all hoping it will slow him down a little, not much chance of that though.

Andrew Stubbs (Stubsy)

His second tour, following last years epic ride, excellent to see the big man back in the saddle and scaring all the Aldi shoppers, with his constant look out for middle aisle bargains.

Glen Dobson

Fantastic to see the Canterbury man (not Blean) joining the fray, his constant banter will keep us all going for first five days of the tour, he sadly must leave us then for family commitments.

Mark Jordan

Joining us somewhere in Devon after his summer holidays, rode last year with his effortless style, be good to see Mark lead the peloton over the hills of Cornwall.

Conor Miller

Once again joining us somewhere in Devon, Stubbsy son with the same powerful physique, very powerful rider, needs to carry more on his bike to slow him down a fraction.

Last and my no means least …

Dale House

Ever present, effervescent self-appointed captain, leading from the front when it comes to getting the beers.

Summary of the Tour Stages

Pre-Tour Photographs

Tour Shirt

Our Tenth Tour